Hydraulics & Hydrology

Our entire engineering design staff has a strong background in hydraulics and hydrology both in education and practical experience. Project experience includes sites such as the Parking Garage 4 & Terminal Roadway Improvements at RDU International Airport, with approximately 130 drainages structures in an enclosed system. We routinely provide drainage design in conjunction with our site and roadway design projects. Additional hydrology experience includes HEC-1 and HEC-2 studies, drainage improvements on flood-prone roadways, flood-way studies, stream restoration, and urban stormwater implementation and design.

Our Hydraulics & Hydrology Services Include

  • Drainage Design / Improvement
  • Site & Roadway Design
  • HEC-1 Studies
  • HEC-2 Studies
  • Stream Restoration
  • Urban Stormwater Implementation

Examples of Hydraulics & Hydrology

  • Commercial Feasibility Study, 213 Acres – Nashville, North Carolina – A comprehensive feasibility study for the development of Nashville Industrial Center. Evaluated the site wetlands, flood plain/floodway location, along with complying information of the site soils and topographical data. Feasibility study included information about the availability of all public utilities.
  • Ford’s Colony, Rocky Mount, NC – Engineered over 1,500 acre residential and golf course development with multiple stormwater quality drainage systems and sub-basins. Administered subconsultant to conduct HEC-1 and HEC-2 studies.