Stocks Engineering is the engineering firm on retainer for several local municipalities.  Stocks Engineering has been working with The Town of Nashville and The Town of Spring Hope to perform engineering services for 8-years and 2-years respectively.  General duties include storm drainage improvement projects, lift station rehabilitation projects, water and sewer extension projects, feasibility studies for transportation improvement projects (TIP) and plan review as relates to town codes, policy’s and ordinance.

Stock’s Featured Municipalities Projects

  • Town of Nashville: Storm Drainage Improvement. This project consisted of modifications to existing drainage ways to reduce the impacts of flooding throughout the Town. Phase 1 consisted of cleaning out nearly 2 miles of ditches, replacing 3 roadway culverts, installing approximately 3,000 linear feet of new ditches and stabilizing eroded areas along several drainage ways at 5 various locations throughout Town. Phase 2 of this project consisted of addressing the flooding problems in 4 other areas of Town. This phase included excavating and enlarging and existing pond, installing drainage pipes, and grading existing ditches. Phase 3 of the drainage project included the removal and installation of nearly 500 linear feet of storm drain that was situated under an existing curb and gutter street. Considerable coordination had to be done to ensure that the businesses located along this street would remain open during business hours and be accessible to customers. The Town of Nashville is currently discussing the next phase of the drainage work for the following fiscal year which would continue to remove and replace storm drain lines to the ultimate outfall. Total estimated cost for this project is now in excess of $500,000.
  • Town of  Spring Hope:  Municipal Landfill Clean-up. The Town of Spring Hope has an abandoned landfill that was operated by the Town from approximately 1930 until 1975.  The landfill accepted all household and commercial garbage during that time period.  Stocks Engineering, PA has coordinated the testing of the landfill to determine the impacts to the native soils and groundwater.  The scope also includes submitting applications for possible grant funding to assist with the efforts to remove this landfill.  Once grant money has been obtained Stocks Engineering will be responsible for coordinating the abandonment and removal of the existing landfill.