Meeting Demand & Budgets

Stocks Engineering’s clients are often expected to meet rigid deadlines in order to meet funding requirements, or risk compromising the funding itself. With a combination of both public and private sector work, our project experience includes meeting federal, local, and private funding deadlines on a regular basis. Schedules that are important to our client are important to us. Missing a deadline is not an option, and neither is compromising the quality of our work.

Every project has budget constraints and we routinely schedule interim project evaluations and submittals with our clients to ensure that their needs are being met from both a design and financial perspective. We often design to a particular budget, presenting alternatives and schematic designs with associated costs in order to assist our clients in making informed decisions prior to proceeding with 100% design.

Here at Stocks Engineering, we recognize the importance of meeting design budgets and we work with engineering fees that are representative of our effort. As a small firm, we have lower overhead and corporate costs that enable us to present a better value to our clients than many of our counterparts in the industry. Similar to our method for evaluating construction budgets, we work with our clients to provide fees that meet their needs without compromising our level of service.