About Us

Our team of engineers, planners and landscape architects offers a complete range of services to support your residential, office or commercial development needs from  feasibility analysis through construction.

The quality of life in our community is closely linked to the quality of our water resources. The ever increasing demands of growth and urbanization require progressive water resources planning and innovative management practices. Stocks combines traditional engineering practices with state-of-the art technology to provide efficient, creative solutions to all your water resource needs.

When you hire Stocks, we are by your side and on your side all the time. Our Construction Administration professionals help protect you and your investment from excessive expenses and delays. We help assure you of a quality result and keep costs in line at the same time.

Company History: Founded in 1999 by J. Michael Stocks, PE, Stocks Engineering, PA offers a broad range of quality professional services.

“Designing the Future – Today”

As our communities continue to evolve, we remain dedicated to provided innovative, cost-effective engineering solutions. We value our clients and are committed to meeting not only their needs, but expectations while maintaining a strong commitment to high moral, ethical, and profession standards.

What sets Stocks Engineering apart from others? First and foremost is the owner’s commitment to faith in Jesus Christ. To the best of our God given ability, we operate this business based on solid biblical principles. We do not always succeed, but we determined when we first opened our doors in 1999, we would never compromise our faith in Jesus Christ, our family, or our health.

It is our fervent belief that this combination does and will continue to produce results that enable us to help our clients achieve their goals and enhance our communities.